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At Sanissimo®<\sup>, we bring you simple, delicious, authentic Mexican flavours from nature offering products that are delicious and healthy. Each of our products has been cared for at every step from harvest to the hands of our loyal customers. We cook simply and without added fats or oils, with no artificial colors, flavours or preservatives. We use minimal ingredients, and ensure that everything we use is the best quality it can be. We only use slow-baking craftsmanship over real flames that preserves the original flavors of the white corn grains that we use. We are full of ideas, and we get our inspiration from nature. We believe that simple is always better than complex and are we are committed to looking after the planet that has looked after us for generations. We work with our local communities to ensure that we have a positive impact on the world around us and we have been involved in many projects with local communities in Mexico, who in turn offer us their culinary expertise and enthusiasm for the land.


We believe in the basic idea that the best inspiration is nature itself. That simple is better than complex. We are committed to our planet, our people, and the communities where we have a presence.

  • Ancient Grains

    All our products use ancient grains which have remained untouched for centuries

  • Slow Baked

    We slow bake in flame ovens to lock in the delicious flavour of our ingredients, and create a delicious toasted flavour

  • We’re not artificial

    Our ingredients are simple. We believe that a handful of quality ingredients is all you need to make something delicious. Why over-complicate? We don't use artificial colours, preservatives or additives in our products.

  • We love nature

    Nature provides us with our ingredients, and in turn, we are committed to looking after our environment. We use solar and wind electricity to bake our products across the world.

  • Happiness in everything that we do

    Every product we make is low fat, low calorie, gluten free and deliciously healthy, so you can lead a happy, healthy life.